Selecting Living Room Sofa and Place it Properly

Living room sofa is one of the most chosen furniture placed in the living space including in your home. When the time to choose sofa, it may be daunting you since sofas are available in various designs, types and sizes. There are some factors to consider so that you can choose the right sofa for the living room, such as the budget, the space in the living room, the functions, the quality, and also the design. Some tips below may help you selecting the right sofa and place it properly.


Selecting the Right Living Room Sofa

The first thing you should do before purchasing living room sofa is the budget. Plan the sums of money that will be used as the budget to purchase the sofa. It must be suitable with your financial and you should stick on it.

Secondly, stage the living room. It means you should know the size of the living room and measure the size of sofa should be in maximum. This way will prevent you choosing too big or too small sofa for the living space. Consider about the color if you have decided the size of the sofa. Select living room sofa in colors that could bring tones in the room. For example, you can choose sofa in dark colors when the room has been all in pastel colors. The sofa will give tones and make perfect the colors of the living room.

After you have decided the best color, the next thing to consider must be the design of the sofa. You can find various designs of sofa to choose and apply in the living room. The living room sofa could be in loveseat designs, sectional sofa, chesterfield sofa, mid-century modern sofa, English, Lawson style sofa, contemporary mid-century sofa, Bridgewater, cabriole, camel back, sleeper sofa, sofa bed, chaise lounge, and many more.

For the various types of sofa, you should choose the best one to your living room sofa. One type of sofa might not suitable in certain type of living room. The points to consider are whether the sofa is suitable with the interior design of the living room and whether the size is fit to the space. Some sofa designs also come in unusual shapes; you also should consider whether it will be suitable or not with the living room of yours. It is also important to find the modern or classic sofa depending on the living room interior design in general. Last but not least, choose high quality living room sofa that will be longer lasting. You might spend much money to purchase the sofa, but it will be a worth it investment since you could have the furniture much longer, even up to decades.

Placing the Living Room Sofa Properly

Selecting the right living room sofa doesn’t enough to create a nice atmosphere in the living space. You also have to place the furniture properly so that the space looks inviting and cozy. The right placing of sofa also could cover the odd look of the room. For example, the placement of sofa in the corner; it can be applied in the L-shaped sofa. The corner placement will make the room looks more spacious and there will more space for open floor. For the single sofa type, you can place it diagonally on the room corner. Put a corner chandelier too so that the corner could become a perfect reading spot.

If the living room has a fireplace, you should place the sofa depending on the room’s focal point. Place the living room sofa facing the fireplace if it is a small single sofa. Meanwhile, put the sofas face to face if you have two sofas in the living room. Don’t forget to give a coffee table in the middle and a patterned area rug under the table. It will become a pretty zone in the room. Don’t forget to make space in back and front of the sofa for the traffic flow in about 30-36 inches of range.

Choosing the right sofa and place it properly determines the feel and look inside the living room. You can search many ideas from pictures in the internet with similar space and design of living room so that you can create as comfortable as possible living room with the nice living room sofa.

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