Is heating pad a good option for treating back pain?

Your upper back includes several cervical vertebrae and the thoracic spine, supported and strengthened by muscles, ligaments and tendons. Although an injury to these areas may cause upper back pain, the most common causes are poor posture, repetitive motion injury and deconditioning. Many Americans spend hours each day at a desk or in front of a computer and few workstations are designed to promote good posture. Sitting with the shoulders rounded forward or thrusting the chin forward put stress on the muscles; a muscle that is not used and stretched regularly tends to become shorter, and the shortened muscle causes pain, especially with movement.

Repetitive motion injury, as the name implies, results from making the same motion over and over again. If your phone is on your left and you always reach for it with the same hand, then cradle it on your shoulder while you talk, you may develop pain in the neck, shoulder or upper back. Deconditioning results from lack of use. Muscles flex, straighten and rotate the spine and other joints. A muscle that is flexed most of the time tends to lengthen, while the opposing muscle stretches. This results in muscles that are either too tight or too weak and exacerbates posture problems.

Weak muscles increase the risk of injury and lack of exercise tends to decrease circulation in the muscle, which can lead to sore muscles. Upper back pain often responds to chiropractic treatment, acupressure, massage therapy, resistance training and stretching exercises. Overly tight or weak muscles affect the alignment of the spine because the balance between opposing muscles is disrupted. Eventually the vertebrae can become misaligned, or subluxated. One of the easiest way to get relief from back pain and other muscle pains is to use heating pad. Though there are various types of heating pads available, in my opinion the best heating pad in UK is infrared heating pad. It has various advantages which we will be discussing later in this article.

Upper Back Pain Relief

Heat therapy corrects the alignment problem. A chiropractor may also be able to help loosen tight muscles with a special tool called an activator. Acupressure is direct pressure over acupuncture points in the muscles and over the joints. The practitioner presses hard on these trigger points for up to a minute, and then gradually releases the pressure. The combination of pressure and release causes a temporary increase in circulation in the muscle, as well as breaking to cycle of muscle spasms.
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Massage therapy can relax tight, stiff muscles and relieve pain. Resistance training, also called strength training, is used to strengthen weak muscles that may prevent you from improving your posture. Strong muscles, especially in the trunk, support the spine and decrease the tendency to develop back pain. Stretching exercises lengthen muscles that have become shortened and tense. Yoga, Pilates and tai chi are all excellent choices to stretch your upper back muscles.

Some other strategies that can improve upper back pain are good posture and regular breaks. Poor posture creates many of the muscle imbalances described and causes stiff or weak muscles. A physical therapist or fitness coach can help you learn correct posture; as you increase your consciousness of your posture it becomes easier to correct any posture problems you may have. Muscles are healthier with regular movement. Take frequent breaks to stand, walk around and stretch the muscles of the arms, chest and upper back. All of these strategies will help to relieve and prevent upper back pain. Also do not forget to keep your posture right when doing work or sitting on chair for any purpose.

Various benefits of heating pad

While it lasts, the pain from a leg cramp can be excruciating. A hot tub or a bathtub equipped with water jets can closely duplicate the warm-water massage of whirlpool baths used by professionals—for most people, the bathtub works nearly as well. In this post, we will take a closer look at two different heating pads that gives out different kinds of heat. Tendons are bands of fibrous tissue that connect muscles to bones and help muscles initiate and control movement in your joints. Usually it goes away within a few minutes, though bad ones can cause lingering soreness.
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  • Soaking for 15 to 20 minutes in a warm bath allows the weight-bearing muscles to relax.
  • Also how you can use a heating pad to ease the pain in different body areas, like your back.
  • Tendinitis usually occurs when repetitive motions, stress or repeat injuries irritate a tendon over time.
  • Typically, leg cramps affect the muscles in the calf (the large one is called the gastrocnemius) or along the sole of the foot.
  • A warm shower can also help lessen the stiffness of rheumatoid arthritis.

Heating pads can be essential in healing many different kinds of ailments, ease pain and loosen up the muscles in your back and other body parts. The result is pain and swelling in the tendons around a joint, such as your ankle, elbow or shoulder. The best immediate response is gently stretching the taut muscles. You can upgrade your shower with an adjustable shower-head massager that’s inexpensive and easy to install. Heat therapy activates sensation in the skin where it’s used, effectively crowding out a portion of signals from stiff and sore muscles of the back.

Your tendons become less flexible with age, so tendinitis is more common as you get older. With the calf muscles, you can do that by grasping your toes and then slowly pulling your foot toward you. Unlike other heating pads which only heat the surface of the skin, an infrared heating pad produces infrared rays which have the ability to penetrate deep into the body. Because of the brain’s limited ability to handle incoming sensation, anything you do that raises sensory “noise” to the brain – from pinching yourself to heating sore parts – can be effective at reducing the effects of tender muscles. Leaning forward against a wall while keeping your heels on the ground does the same thing.

Even so, it is worth noting here that these rays are 100% safe as they are not UV-rays which cause skin cancer and sunburn. Another prime function of heat therapy is its dilation of blood vessels in the skin and muscles of the back. The increased blood circulation brings more oxygen rich blood – and faster – while carrying off metabolic waste products away – detoxifying the entire treated area. Improved circulation also enhances the removal of body’s metabolic waste products – detoxifying the entire system. This widening of vessels increases the blood flow to the areas where the heat is applied, raising oxygen and nutrient levels and leading to more rapid repair of damaged tissue.