What You can do for old age and elderly people

Elderly people have contributed lot for the well being of our society. The importance of elderly people for any society is undeniable and is not limited to their increasing share in the total population. Today, there are many elderly people who are heads and are leading earner of the family and, in these families, the mean family income is higher than in families headed by non-elderly adults.They are indeed a valuable assets for this world. There are various schemes that has been rolled out by our government to  encourage seniors to remain active and promote a sense of worthiness among them, enabling them to lead a fulfilling life.

Elderly Care – What you need to do

There are many things that we can do to care of our seniors and keep them happy. The least we can do is buy necessary equipment that can help them in their day to day activities. These tools also give them confidence and allow them to do their work without the assistance of others. For example, if you buy a bath lift, which is a tool that can lower them and raise them in the bath tub. So a good bath lifts can help them take bath without any help from others. Also make sure you buy a good bath lifts of 2018, so they are reliable and durable.

You can also buy other tools like shower chair. A shower chair for elderly people is a device which allows seniors to regain some of their independence. In many cases they allow an elderly lady or gentleman to bathe themselves without the need for assistance. For others it means a carer’s work is cut in half with the ability of the senior to sit down whilst washing instead of standing. Whether through old age or from a disability, a shower chair is ideal for those who find it difficult to stand.

Diet and nutrition plays an important role in the aging process. No matter how young or old we are the quality of our diet affects how we look and how we feel. This is especially true for those of us who are growing older. In recent years every time we turn on the television set or look at a magazine, we are confronted with stories about the ever-increasing worldwide problem of obesity. More people are overweight than ever before to the point that their lives are in danger.

However, what we don’t often hear about are the undernourished or malnourished seniors among us. As we get older, our metabolism slows down and we can no longer burn calories at the same rate as we used to. It therefore makes it easier for us to put on weight but harder for us to shed it. However, putting on weight has a more negative affect on seniors than it does any other age group.

Why eat healthy foods?

One of the most important considerations for seniors is getting good nutrition from food. A well balanced diet can boost their health, strength, and longevity, but a poor diet that does not fulfill all bodily nutritional requirements can actually cause it to deteriorate. This is especially dangerous for the elderly. After all, if they struggle to move how can they stay active and enjoy life? The elderly population has been increasing steadily for many years now. However, as we get older our health declines and we become dependent upon others. Which also means an increased demand for health care on government and health services to meet their needs. Since most of the senior population have very limited or almost no income, the younger generation will have to shoulder the cost of providing good health services to elders.

Being overweight can put unnecessary stress on the joints and thus accelerate the effects of arthritis, osteoporosis and other bone and muscle disorders and illnesses. It can also bring about the onset of diabetes, which is more common in seniors than in any other age group.

There are a number of reasons why seniors are not eating the healthy meals they need to keep them strong and active. Besides the metabolic changes noted above which leads to poor absorption of nutrients, aging seniors also must contend with:

  1. Eating alone – which often leads to less nutritious meals
  2. Requiring fewer calories, but eating the same amount of food
  3. Eating junk food with empty calories
  4. Experiencing the side effects of drugs that can decrease or increase their appetite; changes metabolism and absorption rate
  5. Illnesses or diseases such as diabetes, cancer, or heart disease

Unfortunately for seniors, poor nutrition can speed up the aging process. While seniors should enjoy a little of what he or she loves to eat every now and again no matter how unhealthy it may be, a regular balanced nutritious diet is just what the doctor will order!

What food is healthy?

  1. Fruit
  2. Vegetables
  3. Grains
  4. Lean protein
  5. Increase in dietary fiber

What about drinks?

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Limit alcoholic drinks

Although seniors should eat at least three times a day, eating smaller portions five to six times a day will keep help there absorption of the nutrients and increase their metabolism.

They should also limit salt; many senior citizens are placed on low salt diets due to water retention and swelling of feet and ankles.

Meal Planning?

While some experts suggest meal planning, preplanned meals are often difficult to follow due to lack of hunger or desire for the food listed on the plan. Keeping favorite nutritious foods in the home will go a long way in prompting seniors to eat healthier meals.

All seniors should enjoy life to the fullest extent, but eating healthy meals on a regular basis can actively extend the amount of time they have left to enjoy it! Senior nutrition is one of the most important considerations we need to be aware of in our parents, grandparents, or other seniors in our lives. The healthier they are the more active and vibrant their senior years will be. We can play a role in their longevity by making sure they eat nutritious food and drink plenty of water.

Breastfeeding and Nursing Chair For Your Baby

A question that is searched online by many new mums today is, how does breastfeeding work? It becomes all more relevant when new generation mums are becoming more tech savvy but having lesser knowledge on daily routines of a traditional women’s life. Breastfeeding is known to be the best food and nutrition diet for a new-born baby. It is through the breast milk that the babies’ gets those heavenly elements which help them fight against various ailments of illness.

It would not be a wrong statement to state here that, no food can substitute or is as beneficial as the breast milk received to an infant from its mother. And as the baby grows, You can then supplement him with some solid foods that are easily digestible. But feeding baby is not an easy task. You need to learn how to feed your baby and at what time. A good nursing chair can certainly help mothers to feed their baby. We will be discussing about how to choose the right nursing chair in UK later in this article.

Breastfeeding benefits for babies

– Babies, which are breastfed, are less prone to allergies and infections due to antibodies contained in breast milk.
– The enzymes and hormones available in breast milk helps the all round development of your baby
– Breast milk is most crucial to the health and survival of premature infants and protects them from the fatal disorders of bowel.

Breastfeeding benefits for mothers

– Breastfeeding reduces the risk of breast cancer in mother
– This help women to have lesser risks of diabetes
– It helps them getting normal womb after delivery and
– Breastfeeding makes them close to their new born babies as part of a natural process.

The milk generating process doesn’t start immediately for a mother, and it runs parallel to the growth of baby in mother’s womb. The hormonal changes during pregnancy help growing milk ducts in the body of women. The skin around the nipple contains lots of nerves, which get triggered by sucking by the baby and milk, is extracted with sucking caused by the baby. It doesn’t matter how much feeding should be given to a baby, rather it should be depending on baby and its hunger needs. It’s normal for babies to be fed for 8-10 times a day, and they themselves stops feeding when they had enough of feed. Breast milk is best food for any baby and is easily consumable by the digestive system of the baby.

A mother become use to signals given by a baby for its hunger like licking their own lips, opening their mouth etc. It is better to catch these hunger signals from baby rather than waiting for baby’s crying which may be stressful for a new-born infant. It is suggested here that a mother should accompany with their little ones for at least for their first six months. It is also important to watch out that both breasts are evenly used to feed which helps mothers regain their best shape after delivery. If you are finding difficult to breastfeed your baby, you can use a good breast pump.

How to feed your baby

As long as your baby shows signs of readiness, your child’s doctor may say you can start solids any time around 4 to 6 months. Sometime between four and six months, your baby may show an interest in what’s on your plate. You’ll need to feed a newborn often and on demand. If your baby is fussy all the time and just won’t settle, you may wonder if colic is to blame. Until then, breast milk or formula provides all the calories and nourishment your baby needs – and can handle. best nursing chair 2017

  • Learn what to look for before starting your baby on solids.
  • But an older baby who fusses between meals or not long after he has emptied his mom’s breasts or finished off a bottle doesn’t always need more food to feel better.
  • It’s important to remember that periods of crying are normal in the newborn stage.
  • Infants don’t yet have the physical skills to swallow solid foods safely, and their digestive system simply isn’t ready for solids until they’re about 4 months old.

Ready for the wonderful world of sippy cups?
Babies should double their birth weight by about 4 months, and triple it by their first birthday. But if that crying is intense and lasts for hours on end, then you may be dealing with colic. Most newborns need eight to 12 feedings a day — about one feeding every two to three hours. By six months, your baby probably is. Talk to your pediatrician if your baby is exceeding these guidelines.

When you’re bottle-feeding, especially in the beginning, it’s important to not overwhelm baby with fluid. Look for early signs of hunger, such as stirring and stretching, sucking motions and lip movements. Here are some tips to make the dribbly introduction. When bottle feeding, keep the teat full of milk, otherwise your baby will take in air. Make sure she’s propped up on you at an angle (not flat on her back), and that your bottle is at an angel as well—if the bottom of the bottle is too high she’ll get flooded, too low and she’ll get air bubbles. (more…)

Why Garden Loppers and Rain Barrels are necessary for your garden

I like to think of myself as an organic gardener, but you won’t find me quoting organic standards or fighting against Monsanto. I am a “common sense gardener” which means I align with most organic practices: composting, integrated pest control methods, and non-GMO crops as a few examples. What I’ve found during my six years of gardening is that the organic methods are often the simplest and cheapest. However, I am not opposed to the occasional non-organic method to save a crop for the year.

And if there is anything that defines me as a gardener, it is cheap. If I can save money somehow, I’m going to do it. Compost and compost tea are cheap, garden magic. Piles of used wood from the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore is the source for all my raised beds and fencing. Gardening is work, but it is fun work. It is also therapeutic. Out of anything I’ve done in my life, there is nothing more relaxing than looking over my garden and literally seeing the fruits of my labor. Hopefully, through this blog, I can impart this feeling.

Being a fan of gardening and a member of numerous gardening websites, there are a few things I think will help differentiate this article from the masses.

Gardening is visual. There are so many gardening websites that describe things, but rarely do they actually have detailed graphical representations of the text. In gardening, pictures are worth a thousand words.

Format and consistency
There are a lot of great gardeners out there sharing their thoughts. Some of the best are also some of the most inconsistent, going weeks without posts (or new videos). Gardening forums and social sites can be hit or miss with one subject really taking off while other posts go unnoticed.

Planting vegetable gardens can be a very rewarding endeavor, not to mention that it’s good for your body because of all the exercise you will get, and the vegetables that you’ll get to eat. These days, it’s really ideal if you can plant your own vegetables to make sure that they’re pesticide free, but a lot of people feel intimidated by the idea of planting vegetable gardens especially in a city.

Gardeners are becoming more bulb-minded because they realise how easy they are to please and what interest they can bring to the garden. Fritillaries are almost as popular as snowdrops and many of the more usual ones can be bought quite easily. There are others that can be grown from seed as more and more enterprising collectors are bringing back new varieties. The trouble with this is the time it takes I have several friends who have greenhouses filled with pots of fritillary seed and these have to be kept weeded, watered and housed for several years before they flower. When I see all these pots year after year I hope fervently that the flowers will be worth the long wait. And I expect they will, for I have never seen a fritillary that was not attractive or interesting.

Lopper – A must have Tool for every gardener

There are many essential tools that a gardener should buy for maintaining his or her garden. And in my opinion a good lopper for garden is the most essential tool for any gardener. Without a garden lopper it is impossible to maintain a good garden. Everyone wants a beautiful looking lawn and garden, and thus they spend hours on it. Out of the many tasks that one needs to focus on to make their lawn and/or garden looking exquisite, weeding is the worst of all. Not only it takes a lot of time, but if you miss the roots then you will have to deal with new weeds after just a few days. Thus, here comes the importance of good weeding tool. Yes, there are a lot of great weeding tools available today. But, if you want to get the job done quickly and correctly, then it will be best to invest in a good weeding tool which can also act as a root remover.

Loppers come in different range of styles, designs, sizes and cost; what’s best for you depends on the type of your garden. It also depend on your budget. If you are short then you need to buy a long handle lopper, so that you can be able to prune branches at higher length. In this article, we will discuss how to choose the right lopper for your garden in UK. Pruning can be heavy, repetitive work so it’s important to buy the best loppers of 2017.

best garden lopper UKLoppers come in a range of styles, sizes, and price points; what’s best for you depends on the kind of pruning you’ll be doing, your size and strength, and your budget. Use bypass pruners on living stems ½ inch or less in diameter, as when cutting fresh flowers, pruning roses or raspberries, or snipping herbs from the garden. Another aspect of the blade is its quality. Smaller snips and scissors are handy for smaller plants like herbs and lettuce and are perfect for harvesting fruit, vegetables and cut flowers. Pruning can be heavy, repetitive work so it’s important to buy the right loppers.

  • These cuts must be as clean as possible to maintain the plant’s health, so keep the blade sharp.
  • The most preferred blades are those made of high-quality carbon steel that has been hardened to withstand the kind of force that will be exerted.
  • They can also be used to prune vines and for deadheading flowers.
  • These are the most commonly-used loppers, consisting of two blades that slide past each other like scissors.
  • Choose bypass loppers when you want to trim back an overgrown shrub or tree that’s healthy.
  • These blades have a higher probability of lasting long and have a lower likelihood of bending and the need for frequent sharpening.
  • Keep a pair of snips handy in the house; the Felco 300 is great for trimming back and deadheading houseplants.

They typically provide the cleanest cut on live wood, allowing the plant to heal more quickly. The long handles give you more leverage, so you can cut bigger stems — up to 1 ½ inches — with less effort. This aspect goes a long way in determining the amount of energy you will use. The most popular and generally-used blade is the bypass blade, which functions similarly to a pair of scissors. However, they tend to get jammed when cutting dead, dry branches, which can bend the blade. These are the anvils style and the bypass style. There are three kinds of action employed by most loppers; ratcheting, compound action, and geared. These blades make a slicing cut by having the upper blade slice past the lower, while the lower holds the branch in place.

Like most people I’ve always used secateurs or hand pruners for most pruning jobs. These terms refer to the cutting blades themselves and how they cut. Steel blades that aren’t heat-treated can have advantages as well. Garden loppers can range in length so if you are trying to reach difficult places then you may prefer ones with longer handles, whilst someone with close quarters pruning may be okay with loppers that have shorter handles. If a stem or branch was too thick I used a saw; often a bow saw because that was what came to hand.

Both blade types are made for different types of cutting, so be sure to buy the type that best fits your overall needs. Some are treated with a coating which prevents rusting of the blade or provides a slippery surface that glides the blade through dense wood easily. Weight – Some loppers are heavy and may become difficult to use for a long period of time whilst others are lighter making using them more pleasurable for long periods of time. When I first got a good pair of loppers I realised what I’d been missing. Like most things you buy today, with loppers, you tend to get what you pay for.

Because they’re not heat-treated, trying to cut too hard of a branch may bend or break the blade. Cutting size – Most loppers will cut to around the same size diametre of branch but some will cut through slightly bigger branches. This is a wonderfully versatile garden tool with a great variety of uses, depending on which loppers you choose. For the most part, you will find that loppers have steel blades. Compound action loppers have a special lever and pivot-point action which, like the ratcheting varieties, helps to exert extra pressure. Like pocket pruners there are both anvil and bypass models. However, the best loppers have blades that are made from either carbon steel or stainless steel. These are sometimes called lever-action loppers as well. Bypass loppers cut like a pair of scissors. Anvil loppers have a cutting blade which closes onto a fixed, flat blade or anvil.

Some basic gardening tips

There’s no getting around it-maintaining a beautiful garden is a lot of hard work. A lot of plants do not tolerate the cold. Do your research. Before your next trip to the local nursery, line the back of your car with a plastic tarp and place a small step ladder on top of the tarp. But you can labour more efficiently-and put less strain on the pursestrings-with these brilliant gardening shortcuts.

  • Even seeds are not yet ready to grow until they have dried up.
  • It’s very important to figure out where your containers will be placed before you start buying your plants.
  • The slots between the rungs of the ladder serve as perfect compartments to protect your fragile plants during the drive home.
  • There’s no getting around it-maintaining a beautiful garden is a lot of hard work.
  • Planting should be started when the environment is warm.

If the spot is in direct sunlight for more than 6 hours, you will want to choose plants that thrive in full sunlight. Prevent plants such as gooseneck loosestrife from taking over your garden by planting them in a plastic container. But you can labour more efficiently-and put less strain on the pursestrings-with these brilliant gardening shortcuts. It may be sunny out, but still the ground is cold so you should really check on the ground temperature first before planting. And if your spot in the shade part of the day, then part-sun loving plants will be the ones you choose.

Use Rain Barrels
Water is the most important thing for every living being including your plants and flowers. Water must be harvested and reused in your garden. There are various methods and tools available to harvest rain water for your garden. The best and the cheapest way to achieve this is by using a good rain barrel.


Is heating pad a good option for treating back pain?

Your upper back includes several cervical vertebrae and the thoracic spine, supported and strengthened by muscles, ligaments and tendons. Although an injury to these areas may cause upper back pain, the most common causes are poor posture, repetitive motion injury and deconditioning. Many Americans spend hours each day at a desk or in front of a computer and few workstations are designed to promote good posture. Sitting with the shoulders rounded forward or thrusting the chin forward put stress on the muscles; a muscle that is not used and stretched regularly tends to become shorter, and the shortened muscle causes pain, especially with movement.

Repetitive motion injury, as the name implies, results from making the same motion over and over again. If your phone is on your left and you always reach for it with the same hand, then cradle it on your shoulder while you talk, you may develop pain in the neck, shoulder or upper back. Deconditioning results from lack of use. Muscles flex, straighten and rotate the spine and other joints. A muscle that is flexed most of the time tends to lengthen, while the opposing muscle stretches. This results in muscles that are either too tight or too weak and exacerbates posture problems.

Weak muscles increase the risk of injury and lack of exercise tends to decrease circulation in the muscle, which can lead to sore muscles. Upper back pain often responds to chiropractic treatment, acupressure, massage therapy, resistance training and stretching exercises. Overly tight or weak muscles affect the alignment of the spine because the balance between opposing muscles is disrupted. Eventually the vertebrae can become misaligned, or subluxated. One of the easiest way to get relief from back pain and other muscle pains is to use heating pad. Though there are various types of heating pads available, in my opinion the best heating pad in UK is infrared heating pad. It has various advantages which we will be discussing later in this article.

Upper Back Pain Relief

Heat therapy corrects the alignment problem. A chiropractor may also be able to help loosen tight muscles with a special tool called an activator. Acupressure is direct pressure over acupuncture points in the muscles and over the joints. The practitioner presses hard on these trigger points for up to a minute, and then gradually releases the pressure. The combination of pressure and release causes a temporary increase in circulation in the muscle, as well as breaking to cycle of muscle spasms.
back pain treatment
Massage therapy can relax tight, stiff muscles and relieve pain. Resistance training, also called strength training, is used to strengthen weak muscles that may prevent you from improving your posture. Strong muscles, especially in the trunk, support the spine and decrease the tendency to develop back pain. Stretching exercises lengthen muscles that have become shortened and tense. Yoga, Pilates and tai chi are all excellent choices to stretch your upper back muscles.

Some other strategies that can improve upper back pain are good posture and regular breaks. Poor posture creates many of the muscle imbalances described and causes stiff or weak muscles. A physical therapist or fitness coach can help you learn correct posture; as you increase your consciousness of your posture it becomes easier to correct any posture problems you may have. Muscles are healthier with regular movement. Take frequent breaks to stand, walk around and stretch the muscles of the arms, chest and upper back. All of these strategies will help to relieve and prevent upper back pain. Also do not forget to keep your posture right when doing work or sitting on chair for any purpose.

Various benefits of heating pad

While it lasts, the pain from a leg cramp can be excruciating. A hot tub or a bathtub equipped with water jets can closely duplicate the warm-water massage of whirlpool baths used by professionals—for most people, the bathtub works nearly as well. In this post, we will take a closer look at two different heating pads that gives out different kinds of heat. Tendons are bands of fibrous tissue that connect muscles to bones and help muscles initiate and control movement in your joints. Usually it goes away within a few minutes, though bad ones can cause lingering soreness.
heating pad 2017

  • Soaking for 15 to 20 minutes in a warm bath allows the weight-bearing muscles to relax.
  • Also how you can use a heating pad to ease the pain in different body areas, like your back.
  • Tendinitis usually occurs when repetitive motions, stress or repeat injuries irritate a tendon over time.
  • Typically, leg cramps affect the muscles in the calf (the large one is called the gastrocnemius) or along the sole of the foot.
  • A warm shower can also help lessen the stiffness of rheumatoid arthritis.

Heating pads can be essential in healing many different kinds of ailments, ease pain and loosen up the muscles in your back and other body parts. The result is pain and swelling in the tendons around a joint, such as your ankle, elbow or shoulder. The best immediate response is gently stretching the taut muscles. You can upgrade your shower with an adjustable shower-head massager that’s inexpensive and easy to install. Heat therapy activates sensation in the skin where it’s used, effectively crowding out a portion of signals from stiff and sore muscles of the back.

Your tendons become less flexible with age, so tendinitis is more common as you get older. With the calf muscles, you can do that by grasping your toes and then slowly pulling your foot toward you. Unlike other heating pads which only heat the surface of the skin, an infrared heating pad produces infrared rays which have the ability to penetrate deep into the body. Because of the brain’s limited ability to handle incoming sensation, anything you do that raises sensory “noise” to the brain – from pinching yourself to heating sore parts – can be effective at reducing the effects of tender muscles. Leaning forward against a wall while keeping your heels on the ground does the same thing.

Even so, it is worth noting here that these rays are 100% safe as they are not UV-rays which cause skin cancer and sunburn. Another prime function of heat therapy is its dilation of blood vessels in the skin and muscles of the back. The increased blood circulation brings more oxygen rich blood – and faster – while carrying off metabolic waste products away – detoxifying the entire treated area. Improved circulation also enhances the removal of body’s metabolic waste products – detoxifying the entire system. This widening of vessels increases the blood flow to the areas where the heat is applied, raising oxygen and nutrient levels and leading to more rapid repair of damaged tissue.

Selecting Living Room Sofa and Place it Properly

Living room sofa is one of the most chosen furniture placed in the living space including in your home. When the time to choose sofa, it may be daunting you since sofas are available in various designs, types and sizes. There are some factors to consider so that you can choose the right sofa for the living room, such as the budget, the space in the living room, the functions, the quality, and also the design. Some tips below may help you selecting the right sofa and place it properly.


Selecting the Right Living Room Sofa

The first thing you should do before purchasing living room sofa is the budget. Plan the sums of money that will be used as the budget to purchase the sofa. It must be suitable with your financial and you should stick on it.

Secondly, stage the living room. It means you should know the size of the living room and measure the size of sofa should be in maximum. This way will prevent you choosing too big or too small sofa for the living space. Consider about the color if you have decided the size of the sofa. Select living room sofa in colors that could bring tones in the room. For example, you can choose sofa in dark colors when the room has been all in pastel colors. The sofa will give tones and make perfect the colors of the living room.

After you have decided the best color, the next thing to consider must be the design of the sofa. You can find various designs of sofa to choose and apply in the living room. The living room sofa could be in loveseat designs, sectional sofa, chesterfield sofa, mid-century modern sofa, English, Lawson style sofa, contemporary mid-century sofa, Bridgewater, cabriole, camel back, sleeper sofa, sofa bed, chaise lounge, and many more.

For the various types of sofa, you should choose the best one to your living room sofa. One type of sofa might not suitable in certain type of living room. The points to consider are whether the sofa is suitable with the interior design of the living room and whether the size is fit to the space. Some sofa designs also come in unusual shapes; you also should consider whether it will be suitable or not with the living room of yours. It is also important to find the modern or classic sofa depending on the living room interior design in general. Last but not least, choose high quality living room sofa that will be longer lasting. You might spend much money to purchase the sofa, but it will be a worth it investment since you could have the furniture much longer, even up to decades.

Placing the Living Room Sofa Properly

Selecting the right living room sofa doesn’t enough to create a nice atmosphere in the living space. You also have to place the furniture properly so that the space looks inviting and cozy. The right placing of sofa also could cover the odd look of the room. For example, the placement of sofa in the corner; it can be applied in the L-shaped sofa. The corner placement will make the room looks more spacious and there will more space for open floor. For the single sofa type, you can place it diagonally on the room corner. Put a corner chandelier too so that the corner could become a perfect reading spot.

If the living room has a fireplace, you should place the sofa depending on the room’s focal point. Place the living room sofa facing the fireplace if it is a small single sofa. Meanwhile, put the sofas face to face if you have two sofas in the living room. Don’t forget to give a coffee table in the middle and a patterned area rug under the table. It will become a pretty zone in the room. Don’t forget to make space in back and front of the sofa for the traffic flow in about 30-36 inches of range.

Choosing the right sofa and place it properly determines the feel and look inside the living room. You can search many ideas from pictures in the internet with similar space and design of living room so that you can create as comfortable as possible living room with the nice living room sofa.