About GTF

Female athletes joining together to show the world that women can fly as fast and as high as a rocket ship to Mars as professional water ski jumpers.

Girls That Fly is the professional organization of female water skiers who travel the world to show off their talents! Flying distances which just a few short years ago were male world records, Girls That Fly is intent on sharing their extreme sport with the world and continually moving the distances of jumps out farther and farther.

Girls That Fly a group of friends and fierce competitors who hit a 5 and a half foot solid unmovable metal jump ramp weighing thousands of pounds, at speeds approaching 60 miles per hour, soaring distances approaching 200 feet in the air.

No shoulder pads, no footbal pants, just a jump suit, a couple of skis and a heck of a lot of nerve.

Girls That Fly soaring in a town near you soon!